David Vrensk

David Vrensk

I am a self-employed systems developer with a focus on web systems. I use agile methods because it helps me ensure quality while making sure that I build exactly what is needed.

I am always on the lookout for interesting projects, and I have a number of friendly web consultants and designers on call in case the task requires the attention of more than one person.

You can reach me by email (david at this domain) or phone, +46-703-746900. I live in Göteborg, Sweden.

What I do

I build web sites that work. Web sites that get your business done. Web sites that help your clients do their business. Let's say I'm in the business of putting your business on the web and making it easily accessible.

I work with current web standards (like CSS, (X)HTML, and Unicode) to ensure that the end result can be used and enjoyed by everybody, using desktop computers, mobile phones or read-aloud-devices.

I use open source technologies—like Ruby on Rails, Linux, MySQL, PHP, Java and AJAX—because they move faster and in more creative ways than anything that has to go through ten levels of corporate approval.

What I've done

What I'm doing



Launched a blog to leave notes to myself.


Finally launched my new web site! Design by Informo.


Gave a lightning talk (replacing Peter Tallungs) at Agila Sverige 2008, an agile conference on agile methods, in Stockholm.